4 Step Sterilization

At DentalVilla, it is not a reaction to COVID19, but since its inception, it’s a culture at DentalVilla to follow the most stringent Sterilization Protocols. 4 steps Sterilisation is DentalVilla Dental’s Trademark process which differentiates DentalVilla Clinics from all other Dental Clinics. A rigorous 4 step sterilisation process is followed after every patient to ensure 100% sterilization of Instruments and complete destruction of all viruses & Spores. We are also autoclave our drilling hand pieces and drill bits for enhanced safety of our patients..

Pouched and sealed, sterilised instruments are opened in front of every patient to show that we are doing the best in asepsis, and we take pride in this.



Dipping in disinfectant solution for minimum 30 minutes. Scrubbing & cleaning in running water and cleansing solution.



Cleansed in an Ultrasonic cleaner chamber. Dried and packaged in separate Sealed pouches.



Sterilized in ‘B-class’ Autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization following the sterilisation cycle.



Stored in UV Light storage cabinets, in the sterilisation room to maintain sterility of instruments till they are used.